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I'm slowly getting to grips with photoshop but it's taking me a while to remember how to do things. Thankfully there are many many helpful tutorials and websites around so I'm learning but it's taking time for things to sink into my water-filled brain! But, after many trials and trivulations, I've finally managed to get an image to look how I want it to :)

The first one...

Hopefully this will be the only one this season! Last year we had a black orphan lamb, and we called him Michael... after Michael Jackson. If you really want the reason why, you'll have to email me or something because I'm not posting it on here! But we have another black orphan lamb this year... well not so much an orphan. More like we're giving his mother a hand. You see, she had 3 lambs, and we all know how many mouths 1 sheep can feed. If you don't, google it. Please. I'm not explaining! But we had to help her out so took one of the lambs home to look after. And this is him. We took some photos when we got home from a day out we had to ourselves, when we decided to have a snoop round my dads shed while he was away! And this wee guy wanted some attention, so we gave him some. Gorgeous, innee?

And because my partner was awake so early, he nipped out with my camera and got some lovely shots of the sun appearing over the hill. Purdy!

A quick word

Welcome to my blog of photos. I have plenty to put up and this will also give me a reason to take pictures! I bought a lovely camera but am now lacking in motivation and hope this blog will help. Leave comments, ask questions, etc. Have fun :)